Study Programmes 2024-2025
Sandrine NICOLAS
Courses :  
AIPE0002-1 UE55 Workplace integration activities 5: P3-P4 Holder
- work placement: preparation, completion and mentoring
- pedagogy specific to primary education 6
FECA0002-1 UE44 Français et éducation culturelle et artistique : P1-P2 Holder
PECA0001-1 UE40 Educational pathway - cultural and artistic, Parcours d'éducation culturelle et artistique Holder
UEMF0004-1 UE4 Education motrice fondamentale Holder
- Stages
- Education motrice fondamentale
UEXP0004-2 UE7 Expression Holder
This list includes only courses of the 1st and 2nd cycles.